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3 Helpful Hints to Consider When Selecting Your ACT Test-Prep Solution

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by Kay Van Der BurgACT Test Prep


A considerable collection of online ACT test prep options are available, but unless you know what to look for, you’ll get the same results, no matter which one you choose.


That’s why you need to look for what makes each approach unique - what separates one service from another. 



While any preparation is better than none at all, here is a quick list of 3 things to consider when selecting your ACT Test-Prep solution.



DON'T:  Trust someone who just scored high on his own test.   That doesn't really mean anything! They could have been lucky, after all.  Or, more likely, they're good test takers who don't understand learning theory or how to teach.

DO:  Trust someone who has the experience, knowledge and the credentials to truly prepare you for everything the test will throw at you. 



DON'T: Rely on the best-guess strategy you learned in the 3rd grade!

DO: Understand the test sections and how the writers have written the test, so you don't have to rely on low quality strategies.



DON'T:  Leave your ACT prep to chance with someone who's in just in business to make money.

DO:  Put your trust and faith in someone who has made a career out of serving students and preparing them for college and beyond.  When test prep is correctly taught, the skills that are learned can help you beyond the test, into college.  You will use the same test taking strategies on all your tests throughout college.


 Can your test prep check each of these items off?






Counterpoint's Advantage-Point Strategy® Is Another Way We Set Ourselves Apart From Other Test Prep Options


The Advantage-Point Strategy is a distinct and proprietary test taking system that includes a specific way of thinking and reasoning that allows you to gain the tools required for effectively approaching any problem you may face on the ACT. Learn more about the Advantage Point Strategy® and its three points and discover how they can help you succeed.



"I designed the Point-Advantage System as a specialized strategy to provide the best, most effective tools needed for students of ALL ABILITIES to achieve success on the ACT, launching them into the college or university of their choice."

-Dr. Kay Van Der Burg





Why I Developed My Own System


In preparing a standardized test prep course, I looked to the established professional ACT preparation companies and programs. As a National Board certified Master Teacher and former school principal, I was disconcerted with the quality of products that were being offered. 



I discovered that even the best test prep books sold in bookstores or on Amazon only copied the superficial structure of the SAT or ACT and, aside from practice, did very little to actually put students in a position to succeed.



But even more surprising - what's really shameful - is that these prep companies  did not consistently replicate content or test the same skills as those tested on the actual ACT.



No wonder many kids are disappointed with their ACT scores.



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And when I worked with individual students, I was astounded to find that even top students weren’t learning the appropriate reading strategies and writing analysis skills to do well on the test.




I created the Counterpoint Advantage-Point Strategy because many unsuspecting students are unknowingly preparing for the ACT test using the WRONG strategies!




There is a huge need for quality test preparedness to position students for success on standardized tests like the ACT.



That's why I set out to analyze these tests with the single mission to identify and deliver only the best, most efficient tools and strategies needed for my students to achieve success on the ACT.



Because the test is constantly changing, it’s very difficult to predict exactly what’s going to be on the test year to year. However, I worked diligently to catalog each ACT test question given over a number of years. I summarized and categorized the presentation and structure of each test section.



In fact, I discovered exactly which standardized test-taking skills needed to be coupled with what specific tools, strategies, and tricks. I developed concrete tricks and strategies that every student needs to learn to be successful. 






Here's How the Counterpoint Advantage-Point Strategy Works



Pinpoint. The first aspect of the Advantage Point Strategy® is to Pinpoint. When you approach a question, you must first Pinpoint all the important aspects required to reach the correct answer. A lot of test questions are purposely worded in a strange way, so we teach you how to reword questions to present them more clearly and concisely.



After the meaning of the question has been established, you will then Pinpoint the important key words. This strategy is especially effective for multiple choice questions, as you’ll often find similar or related keywords in the answers. Recognizing these ensures that you have a firm grasp on the topic and concepts in question.



Checkpoint. Once the question has been fully understood, it’s time to move on to Checkpoint. During the Checkpoint stage, the primary goal is the elimination of false answers. A good way to spot a false answer is to look for keywords that distort or distract from the concepts featured in the question.



After obviously false answers have been eliminated, the student will then have to examine the remaining answers. you will often be  left with just two non-eliminated answers that could serve as an answer to the question, in the sense that they aren’t irrelevant to the mentioned concepts. You will have to determine which is factually correct.



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Endpoint. Even at the end, when looking for the final correct answer, you should still primarily be concerned with elimination. The correct answer to any multiple choice question is the answer that cannot be eliminated. With that in mind, you will then draw on your knowledge of the concepts to find the only answer that isn’t wrong in any way.


Even if, right away, you find what you think is the right answer, it’s always helpful to check the other available answers to ensure that they can be properly eliminated. Avoid the impulse to rush through questions and eliminate options before reading the rest of the available answers. When you do that, you may find that the hastily eliminated option was the most correct option (The ACT wants the BEST answer.) This kind of double checking helps work against the occasional human error that we all have to deal with at some point.




"With more than two decades worth of experience preparing students  for college, I developed a one-of-a-kind, score-boosting, proprietary system that I call the Counterpoint Advantage-Point Strategy, and it's as elegant as it is extraordinarily effective."

-Dr. Kay Van Der Burg



 When I created this system, I wanted to be sure it was designed for busy students of all abilities. I wanted it to be an alternative to cramming, and so I designed it in a way that allows students to quickly and efficiently prepare for college admissions tests.







Who can benefit from Counterpoint's Advantage-Point Strategy System?


The Counterpoint ACT Prep courses prepare students to dominate their ACTs, while the Counterpoint College Application and College Essay Writing courses strategically help students maneuver through the college application process and write top-notch college entrance essays.


Counterpoint courses are advanced enough to help all students—even the best ones—SAVE TIME and MONEY getting into the finest universities in the country, including Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and NYU, to name just a few. There’s nothing else like it on the market today that can so thoroughly prepare you/your student.




What If an Ivy League School Is Not Desired?


I get it - those schools aren't for everyone. But, regardless of your school choice, my Counterpoint strategies and techniques are battle tested and proven to generate real results, no matter what kind of student you are!


My program boosts scores for all students, including those who may choose to go to the less competitive schools, because sometimes students are just happier in a less competitive campus atmosphere.


So, whether you’re just starting to think about taking the ACT, or you’ve already taken the test but weren’t as prepared as you thought or hoped, the Counterpoint ACT online study system will give you practical knowledge and tools that can help boost your scores right away.





Try Counterpoint Today



With our Advantage Point Strategy®, you will have a serious edge, not only on the ACT, but on virtually any other kind of exam you’ll have to take in your academic career. Feel free to browse our list of courses today, all of which utilize the Advantage Point Strategy, and get prepared with online ACT test prep.



Counterpoint Test Prep are experts with ACT prep and the College Application. We offer a complete course on what you need to know and what you have to do to be sure you don't make any mistakes in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 



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Meet The Authors, Co-founders of Counterpoint College and Test Prep:

Dr. Kay Van Der Burg

Dr. Kay is a National Board certified Master Teacher and has a Ph.D. in education from the UW Madison. She has had training at both Harvard and Stanford universities. She taught Advanced Placement (AP) and was the district SAT/ACT prep lead for one of the highest ranking districts in the country. She has been tutoring students for more than two decades and is the co-founder of Counterpoint test prep.



Damien Van Der Burg, CHPC

Damien has a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from the University of California Santa Cruz, and a Master’s degree in biology from Point Loma Nazarene. He has taught high school science and math courses for 15 years, including Advanced Placement (AP) coursework. In addition to co-founding Counterpoint Test Prep, Damien is also an investor, a certified high performance and leadership coach and founder at Damien Vanderburg Coaching.




Did you know there are specific steps and strategies you should be aware of in applying to college? Counterpoint Test Prep can help to ensure you have the best chance of getting into the school of your dreams!




We Can Help You Get the Score of Your Life!  Fortunately, Counterpoint offers extensive ACT test prep courses designed and taught by actual teaching and test-taking professionals, rather than by people who simply did well on the ACT. We can help students not only score well on the ACT, but also be better prepared to get into the college of their dreams.



From building confidence with the core subjects to writing the college essay and completing the application, click here to see the complete menu of courses and services we have to help you get the score of your life!



For the record - We’re successful only when our students are. That's why you can always count on us for ACT success. Our courses are entirely comprehensive, and we’re always happy to offer individual help. We believe students deserve every edge they can get when applying to college, and the ACT test is an essential step in that direction. Academic success is right around the corner, and nothing can get students there quite like the Counterpoint Advantage.




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