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Counterpoint’s Self-Paced Math Test Academy is an essential and profoundly complete course that explores each of the Math Test topics in depth. 


Teaching the pertinent math rules and/or equations, strategies and key intel around how the test has been written, this ACT prep course has been designed for the aspiring student who’s ready to break through, learn how to take the test, and avoid the normal pitfalls that nearly everyone stumbles over when trying to prepare for and ACE the ACT on test day.


"If you can build a comprehensive toolbox of math strategies along with a clear understanding this part of the test was written, then you can absolutely ACE the ACT Math Section." 

 Dr. K, Master Teacher and Counterpoint Test Prep Cofounder

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This behemoth of an exam requires far more than a typical math overview. In fact, it requires a comprehensive set of strageies in order to develop a tool box full of the skills needed to ACE the ACT Math Section.

Introducing the Self-Paced



Developed and taught by National Board certified Master Teacher, Dr. Kay Van Der Burg


The ACT Math Academy is crafted and taught by master teacher Dr. Kay Van Der Burg, and shows students how to apply general algebra, geometry and trigonometry knowledge explicitly to the ACT’s unique testing environment.

Addressing all 21 topics covered on the ACT Math test, this exclusive academy even includes cheat sheets that showcase essential formulas and extra test-taking and problem-solving tips. 


How it Works


1. Comprehensive Video Lesson: Each lesson begins with an in-depth video lesson taught by master teach Dr. K.  Students will work with through teacher-led problems, step-by-step, diagnosing each example with expert insight and advice to master each topic in this section.

2. Independent Practice: Each lesson has an extensive library of more than 200 online practice problems to be completed independently, with real-time feedback communicating progress and gaps for learning.

3. Explanations for Each Independent Practice Question:  An in-depth analysis follows each independent practice set, highlighting the skills and strategies needed to arrive at the right answer.  And because you can learn as much from the wrong answers as you can from the getting of the right answer, each explanation explores the reasoning around why each answer is right and wrong.


The Counterpoint Advantage-Point Strategy

With Counterpoint ACT test prep courses, students can learn our proprietary Advantage-Point Strategy. This is how we set ourselves apart from other test prep services, and it’s how students can learn test-taking skills right alongside the actual subject content. By applying three essential points, students can find the best answer to any ACT question and ACE the ACT Math Test. Here's how it works:

  • Pinpoint. Since ACT writers like to word questions awkwardly, this is where the student makes the intent of the question clear.
  • Checkpoint.  The student applies specific strategies and test knowledge taught in the course.
  • Endpoint. Having applied this knowledge, the student is able to confidently choose only the correct answer. 


With our unrelenting commitment to education and successful history of high student scores in the past, students can rightfully feel confident after taking one or more of our test prep courses. If you want to see your or your student’s ACT score improve, there’s no better way than by taking an online test prep course from Counterpoint. 


At Counterpoint, we offer comprehensive courses for each section of the ACT that were specifically designed by test taking and teaching experts rather than simply people who performed well on the exam. With our unique approach, students will be better equipped to avoid errors and ACT the ACT conquer the ACT!

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Students serious about getting into their 1st choice school really need to take a comprehensive test prep course like Counterpoint's Math Test Academy in order to properly prepare for and conquer the math section.

What's Covered in the ACT Math Test Academy is What is Covered on the ACT Math Test

The content breakdown for ACT math is Pre-Algebra (20-25%), Elementary Algebra (15-20%), Intermediate Algebra (15-20%), Coordinate Geometry (15-20%), Plane Geometry (20-25%), and Trigonometry (5-10%). 

Topics covered reflect the content breakdown for the ACT:

  1. Word Problems       
  2. Exponents & Radicals
  3. Inequalities
  4. Percentages
  5. Probability & Statistics (Mean, Median, Mode)
  6. Probability
  7. Geometry Perimeter
  8. Geometry Volume
  9. Geometry Circles
  10. Special Angle Relationships
  11. Geometry Parallel Line Angles
  12. Linear Equations Graphing
  13. Linear Equations Writing
  14. Multiplying Algebraic Expressions
  15. Simultaneous Equations
  16. Quadratic Equations
  17. System of linear Equations, Simultaneous Equations
  18. Matrices
  19. Functions
  20. Trigonometry Pythagorean Theorem
  21. Trigonometry Identities

The Resource section offers important “Cheat Sheets,” reviewing important formulas and tips.

The ACT Math Academy Prepares You for the ACT Math Section with Two Unique and Specific Strategies 


Math is frequently considered one of the hardest subjects for more creative and art-oriented students, and the ACT math section is no different.  While some students find the math section on the ACT to be the easier than writing or reading, the only way to truly master this part of the test is to consider what the most common math section mistakes along with an understanding of how this section was written.


Strategy #1 - Knowing How to Avoid Common Math Section Mistakes

Even if a student feels that he or she is an expert at math, it’s essential that a student still reviews the basics. Acing a math class does not necessarily translate to conquering the math section on the ACT, so it helps to have all bases covered before going in. 

  • Failing to Review the Basics: The algebra section covers a surprisingly large array of concepts, so students need to be familiar with them all.  While a primary focus of the ACT Math test is on terminology and number concepts, a full nine questions are dedicated to quadratic equations and roots.  Many students will be challenged with the trigonometry section.  Dr. K dedicates an entire lesson with 20 practice questions to just such problems, so you'll have the confidence to ACE this part of the test.
  • Improper Decimal Usage: Decimals make all the difference in mathematics, yet that little dot is so easily misplaced. The ACT writers know this, so they’ll often create answers for questions that are just one decimal place off from being correct.  If a test taker answers 2.54 instead of 0.254, the student isn’t half right. Remember, there’s no partial credit for a misplaced decimal.  The question is marked as incorrect.  
  • Solving for the Wrong Value:  This may be the math section of the ACT, but proper reading skills are essential for high performance. Word problems are plentiful in this section, and they’re not always written in the clearest manner. In fact, the ACT question writers can be sneaky about it. When a student rushes through problems, the likelihood of misreading a question increases quite a bit. Knowing how the test is written will help you to properly determine what the question is actually asking for.
  • And much more!


Strategy #2 - Understanding How the ACT Math Test is Written and Structured 

Going into a test blind only increases a student’s chances of making easily avoidable mistakes. That’s why it’s just as important to study the test as it is to study the material. Of course, the details of the questions themselves are inaccessible until it’s test time, but the structure of the test as a whole is available for everyone to learn.


Dr. K specially designed Countepoint's ACT Math Academy with specific, proven strategies that will help give you a distinct advantage when it comes to test time. Here are just a few of the structural strategies that Dr. K addresses in the Academy:


  •  Missing Information: One of the most common kinds of questions on the Math Test are word problems. These are occasionally drawn-out issues that students must apply certain math principles to in order to solve. Unfortunately, students can make simple mistakes in this section if they don't know how to be strategic with their process and answering.
  • Answering Too Quickly: It’s important to remember that the writers of the ACT are crafty and purposely try to trip students up. Most see the multiple choice format as an advantage, and it certainly can be, but it also creates opportunities for trickery and seemingly right but objectively wrong answers. Thanks to the strict time limit, students fall for these traps by attempting to answer questions too quickly.  Dr. K does a great job of preparing students to move through this section methodically so that time doesn't become the deciding factor in being admitted to your college of choice.
  • Proper Pacing: With approximately a minute to answer each of the 60 questions, pacing is one of the main issues of the math section of the ACT. But, far too many students waste valuable time. In fact, many previously mentioned mistakes have at least part of their roots in rushing through the exam. While students can’t linger on a question for too long, proper pacing is essential to earn a satisfactory score. Fortunately, a few common practices can help greatly with pacing, and Dr. Kay emphasizes each one, so you have the confidence in knowing the structure of the test, effectively making time a non-factor.
  • And much more!


Having a tool kit full of proven strategies specific to the ACT Math test will give you a distinct advantage and help you to avoid making these common mistakes. And following these tips in general can make it easier for students to earn a higher score on the ACT...

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"I want to thank you for the preparation you gave me. Next year at Amherst and in the future, your preparation lessons will remain a part of my education."

-Alice T.

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If students want to avoid making the most common math mistakes on the ACT, Counterpoint offers all the preparation they need. With our commitment to education and a history of enabling successful students, students can feel confident that their scores will improve after using our comprehensive courses. 

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