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Hi, I'm National Board certified Master Teacher Dr. Kay Van Der Burg.


I understand that the recent changes to college admissions and testing make it difficult to keep up and make the best decisions for you and your family. 

So, I condensed the most important information for you, and...



I just know that you're absolutely going to LOVE this Guide to the ACT!


Dr. Kay's Guide to Cracking the ACT

This Extraordinary Guide Reveals:


   -What You Need to Know About Today's ACT
   -Why You Should Take the ACT
   -How to Crack the ACT by First Breaking it Down
   -How the ACT is Scored
   -Why a "Good" Score Might Hurt You
   -The Pros of Comprehensive Preparation



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David & Beatrice B.

"The Guide was set up so that someone with very little time could learn a lot in a short period. It provided information that was useful to help us understand how to support Adam in preparing for college and the ACT."

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Maria & Javi G.

"I really enjoyed the Parent's Guide.  It was written extremely well and provided useful information. I was able to really learn a lot. I would recommend this guide no matter where you are in preparing for college."

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Carol and Bob G.

"I didn't really know what to expect because I had never heard of Counterpoint or Dr. Kay before. But, I definitely learned a lot! I now understand the ACT and how to help prepare Alex for her college career."


"We really enjoyed reading this excellent  guide. It was exceptional. Thank you for such a high quality and informational product."

 Brandon & Liz M.


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