"Thank you for all your help in preparing me throughout the college process. Your lessons have been invaluable! You are also so funny and make college prep fun! I was thrilled when I received my decisions. Thank you so much for getting me to this point!"

-Madeline W.


Do you want to be sure that you've written the essay of your life to ensure you get in to  the college of your dreams?

Submit My Essay for Review


I've seen it so many times where an applicant thinks they’re submitting a great essay with their college application, but in reality, their actually hurting their chances.




The truth is many unsuspecting applicants fail to realize that regardless of how good the essay is, can you really be sure it's good enough to go up against 1,000's of other applicants? Does it make you stick out in an ever-increasing crowd of top-notch applicants?


The research shows that it's very difficult to objectively evaluate your college essay, so you can't blame people for not realizing it...



And yet the college essay is ONE THING you can control in the application process! Don't leave it to chance!



The reality is that your essay can only have one of three outcomes:

1) Enhance your application

2) Have a neutral effect on your submission, or

3) diminish your chances of admission.  



With test scores being less of a requirement for some schools, more than ever, your college essay will be the deciding factor that makes or breaks your 1st choice college admission.




Of course, you’d want your college essay to improve your chances of admission, right?

And wouldn't you love to get that advice from someone with over two decades of writing and revising the college essay? 

Someone who can  give you feedback on the appropriateness of your topic and where it could be improved?  


Wouldn't you want to be sure that you're getting honest feedback?

On what's good and working today so that you can be sure that  your essay is communicating  the right message to the college admissions readers?


If you answer yes to any of these, then you need to take advantage of a  benefit from Dr. Kay’s evaluation of your essay.




Meet National Board certified Master Teacher, Dr. Kay Van Der Burg


Dr. Kay has a Ph.D. in education from the UW Madison, and has had training at both Harvard and Stanford. She holds two Masters degrees in education and was the district SAT/ACT prep teacher for one of the highest ranking districts in the country. She has been tutoring students for more than two decades and is the co-founder of Counterpoint test prep.


What You'll Get:

  • 3 separate essay evaluations with feedback for a single college application essay prompt by National Board certified Master Teacher, Dr. Kay Van Der Burg

  •  Unlimited 6-month access 

  •  100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Here Are Just Some of the Items Dr. Kay Will Review and Check For to Ensure You've Written the Essay of Your life: 

  • Your message and "voice" to demonstrate that you can write.
  • Your essay clearly and directly answers the essay question.
  • The opening is unique and captures the readers’ interest.
  • Your writing style comes through in the essay to showcase your best effort.
  • Your writing comes across as authentic, personal and is distinctly you.
  • And so much more!


I'm Ready To Submit My Essay

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Hurry - There's  Limited Space Only


This opportunity has been designed for the student who’s ready to break through, do whatever it takes, and avoid the normal pitfalls nearly everyone stumbles over when trying to write their college essay.


Limited Space 

While Dr. Kay has to limit the number of essay she can review at any time, that limited number means you’re going to have exclusive and direct access to her to get the support you need to ENSURE your essay is stellar and ready to submit within the next 30 days.

Dr. Kay will review every sentence for

  • clarity
  • structure
  • and punctuation,

so you have the confidence within a few short days to submit the essay of your life.


You will be working side-by-side with you the whole way through the process of revising your essay! 

But to effectively deliver on that promise, we have to limit the size of the group.


But, We Only Have Space for Dr. Kay to Work With 10  Students at a Time.

So if you’re serious about submitting your essay for review, don’t wait. Dr. Kay can only review 10 essays at any given time.


The Investment More Than Pays For Itself,

Many Times Over!

We've priced this opportunity as affordably as possible given the amount of work, guidance and value you’ll be receiving.

The investment to have Dr. Kay review your essay with feedback is only $299!!!
(Private one-on-one tutors pay a minimum of $3,500 for access to the same guidance you'll be getting in this review!)


The Next Step To Writing the College Essay of Your Life

The feedback you'll be getting and the coaching you'll be receiving has already been proven to work to help students get into the school of their dreams.
If you're serious about your future and have a strong desire to get into the best school that you can, Dr' Kay's College Essay Evaluation is the single best investment you can make in yourself and your future.
Is it a little scary? Perhaps. 
Should you do it anyway? You know the answer!
It’s why you’re here, and you’re closer than ever before. 
Let’s do it together and get started right now!
I'm Ready To Submit My Essay

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"You have helped me get into CAL Berkeley, and I do not know if I would be where I am today without your preparation. I have so much to thank you for and there are not enough words to show my appreciation."

-Jennifer M.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All of Counterpoint courses and tutoring comes with an iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied, I'm not satisfied.  After going through the lessons and finding that you aren't totally thrilled, simply contact me, and I'll make it right. If not, I will happily refund your investment 100%. 

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