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One of the most important understandings regarding the ACT Science section is that the emphasis is not on any specific science course, but rather on understanding the passage and reading charts, graphs, and tables.  


That means the ACT Science section assumes an understanding of the Scientific Method and tests basic scientific practice and interpretation.


"Unlike the other sections, the ACT does not test your science knowledge per se. Therefore, the strategies you use to successfully navigate this section will ultimately determine your score on the ACT Science Test. "

 Dr. K, Master Teacher and Counterpoint Test Prep Co-founder


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To achieve a great score on the ACT Science Test, understanding basic scientific practice and interpretation is absolutely essential

Introducing the Self-Paced



Developed and taught by National Board certified Master Teacher, Dr. Kay Van Der Burg


The ACT Science Academy was created to be a best-in-class ACT self-paced science prep course, showing students exactly how to apply the scientific method in conjunction with a  toolbox full of proven test-taking strategies to help them perform in the uniquely difficult testing environment that is the ACT science test. 


How it Works


1. Scientific Reading Passages: Mimicking the ACT Science Test, each lesson begins with a scientific reading passage written by master teacher Dr. Kay Van Der Burg. 

2. Independent Practice:  Following each passage is a healthy set of independent practice problems for students to complete for feedback in communicating progress and gaps for learning.

3. Explanations for Each Independent Practice Question:  The lesson concludes with an in-depth video explanation taught by Dr. K.  Students will work with through each teacher-led question and explanation, step-by-step, diagnosing each example with expert insight and advice to master each topic in this section. 


The Counterpoint Advantage-Point Strategy

With Counterpoint ACT test prep courses, students can learn our proprietary Advantage-Point Strategy. This is yet another powerful tool that further sets us apart from other test prep services, and it’s how students can learn test-taking skills right alongside the actual subject content. By applying three essential points, students can find the best answer to any ACT question and ACE the ACT English Test. Here's how it works:

  • Pinpoint. Since ACT writers like to word questions awkwardly, this is where the student makes the intent of the question clear.
  • Checkpoint.  The student applies specific strategies and test knowledge taught in the course.
  • Endpoint. Having applied this knowledge, the student is able to confidently choose only the correct answer. 


With our unrelenting commitment to education and successful history of high student scores in the past, students can rightfully feel confident after taking one or more of our test prep courses. If you want to see your or your student’s ACT score improve, there’s no better way than by taking an online test prep course from Counterpoint. 


At Counterpoint, we offer comprehensive courses for each section of the ACT that were specifically designed by test taking and teaching experts rather than simply people who performed well on the exam. With our unique approach, students will be better equipped to avoid errors and ACT the ACT conquer the ACT!


Even if you consider yourself to be weak in  science, this ACT prep course will exponentially improve your understanding of what the ACT will test you on, and your confidence will exponentially increase.

See All That's Included

Rather than testing your science knowledge, the ACT Science section assumes an understanding of the Scientific Method and tests basic scientific practice and interpretation in reading passages, charts, graphs, and tables.


What's Covered in the ACT Science Test Academy Reflects Exactly What is on the ACT Science Test


There are three types of passages in the Science section.  This course teaches you how to approach each type of science passage and which strategies to use in answering specific questions.  Counterpoint also gives you serious practice in answering questions for each type of passage.

  1.  Experimental Design (Data Representation)

The Experimental Design passages tend to be the most straightforward in the Science section. The charts, tables, and graphs representing the design (and usually the results) are the focus of the questions.  

  1.  Research Summary

For the Research Summary passages, you will have to read and understand two or three experiments and their results. The questions accompanying Research Summaries will ask you to compare data across the experiments. You may be given an experiment that has been replicated at another time, and you’ll be asked to compare and contrast results—again, by reading charts, graphs, and tables. 

  1.  Conflicting Viewpoints

The Conflicting Viewpoints passage most closely resembles the Reading section passages.  In fact, just like the paired passages in the Reading section, the Conflicting Viewpoints is a paired passage format.  You will be asked to answer individual questions on each passage, but also to compare and contrast two points of view. The passages might represent two different scientific theories or, perhaps, two points of view on the cause of a disease or its treatment.  

Of  course,  Dr. K has dedicated lessons to building strategies to successfully navigate each of the ACT Science passages.


"You have helped me get into CAL Berkeley, and I do not know if I would be where I am today without
your preparation."

-Jennifer M.

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If students want to avoid making the most common English grammar mistakes on the ACT, Counterpoint offers all the preparation they need. With our commitment to education and a history of enabling successful students, students can feel confident that their scores will improve after using our comprehensive courses. 

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