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Created and Designed by National Board certified Master Teacher, Dr. Kay Van Der Burg


For more than two decades, I’ve worked with literally thousands of students. In that time, I’ve seen that most prep courses taught by the big preparation companies just don’t deliver. They’re too time-consuming. They’re boring—which makes them hard to read—and they demand an enormous amount of self-discipline for any student to complete.


If the format is a large group classroom presentation, the class is geared to taking practice tests, not to instruction.


Even worse, the presenters are former students who did well on the SAT or ACT, not teachers who understand how students learn and know how to explain difficult problems to students who are having trouble.  


But, every student is different.


So, what makes Counterpoint Test Prep tutoring stand out?


We are education professionals who understand how to teach the content and set your student up with the skills and strategies they need to dominate the ACT.  Whether it's with with nationally certified master teacher Dr. Kay Van Der Burg or certified high performance coach Damien Van Der Burg,  Counterpoint Test Prep has you covered.

  • 20+ years experience in working with students and parents
  • 1,000's of students served 
  • Fully customizable and individualized study plan
  • ACT test taking strategies
  • ACT study tips
  • Proprietary ACT sample questions
  • The best ACT tutoring available
  • The best online ACT courses
  • And so much more!


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We are dedicated education professionals.

We care about you and your future!

What's Included in the ACT INNER CIRCLE PROGRAM


Topics covered reflect the content breakdown for the ACT.

  1. Choice of 5, 10, or 20 hours of private, 1-on-1 tutoring
  2. Skills and content diagnosis, checking for your areas of strength and pinpointing where you can improve.
  3. Individualized ACT Prep Plan for Success with timeline.
  4. Complete and unlimited access to ACT test self-paced online courses for the duration of your tutoring (includes Math, Science, Reading, English courses).      
  5. Complete resource library of Counterpoint's exclusive “cheat sheets,” reviewing important formulas and tips. 
  6. 100's of practice test questions with thorough explanations.
  7. Personalized homework assigned by your tutor. 
  8. And so much more!

How it Works


1. Access to Counterpoint's Library of Self-Paced Video Lessons: You'll have access to the complete Counterpoint Test Prep library of ACT Test Prep lessons taught by yours truly, nationally certified master teacher Dr. Kay Van Der Burg.  Students can work through teacher-designed problems independently, step-by-step, at their own pace, analyzing each example with expert insight and advice to master each ACT section (Math, English, Reading and Science).

2. Individualized Plan for Success: Your tutoring begins with a diagnostic, checking for your areas of strength and pinpointing where you can improve. And because we are teachers, we understand that each student learns differently. Your one-on-one sessions will be individually tailored to your specific needs and learning style, so you can be sure you're focused on what really matters - the right content and strategies.  

3. Guided Practice with in-Depth Explanations:  Each tutoring session will be focused on developing, enhancing and mastering specific skill sets needed for you to dominate the ACT.  We'll highlight the specific skills and strategies needed, both basic and advanced, to arrive at the right answer.  You'll learn the test format, sections, and question types so, come test day, you’ll know exactly what to expect.  


The Counterpoint Advantage-Point Strategy

Our proprietary Advantage-Point Strategy is another way we set ourselves apart from other test prep services. 


One-on-one instruction in this strategy is the "secret sauce" to test success!


By implementing this systematic approach, students can find the best answer to any ACT question and ACE the ACT. Here's how it works:

  • Pinpoint. Since ACT writers like to word answers with subtle errors, Dr. K teaches  the student to clarify the intent of the question and spot words that make answers wrong.
  • Checkpoint.  The student applies specific strategies and test knowledge taught in the course to eliminate answers with subtle errors.
  • Endpoint. Having applied this knowledge, the student is able to confidently choose only the correct answer. 


Learning just this strategy alone can significantly improve one's score on the ACT.  If you want to see your or your student’s ACT score improve, there’s no better way than by taking advantage of individual tutoring and online test prep courses from Counterpoint. 


With our unique approach, students will be better equipped to avoid errors and conquer the ACT!


From $749 - Start Now!

"Students who are serious about getting into their 1st choice school really need to take a comprehensive test prep approach that includes one-on-one tutoring to properly prepare for and conquer the test."

-Dr. Kay Van Der Burg, Nationally Certified Master Teacher

What people are saying...

David & Beatrice B.

"As Adam moves on to college, he takes a strong preparation with him.  Your lessons were not only an outstanding guide for the ACT, but also a great preparation for the skills needed for college success."


Carol & Bob G.

"We appreciate your excellent teaching lessons, and we know Nick will be going to college far better prepared."  


Madeline W.

"Thank you for all your help in preparing me throughout the college process.  Your lessons have been invaluable!   I was thrilled when I received my decisions.  Thank you so much for getting me to this point!"

Jennifer M.

"You have helped me get into CAL Berkeley, and I do not know if I would be where I am today without your preparation.  I have so much to thank you for. There are not enough words to show my appreciation."

Counterpoint's INNER CIRCLE Program Options

INNER CIRCLE Performance Package



  • 5 one-hour tutoring sessions with National Board certified Master Teacher, Dr. Kay Van Der Burg
  •  Individualized ACT Prep Plan for Success







INNER CIRCLE Advantage Package



  • Everything included in the "Performance"  package, plus:
  • Skills and content diagnostic
  • Monthly webinar with live Q&A (2)
  • $25 coupon for future  Counterpoint purchase



INNER CIRCLE Elite Package



  • Everything included in the "Advanced" package, plus:
  • Counterpoint Online ACT Academies* (English, Math, Reading, Science)
  • Monthly webinar with live Q&A (5) 
  • $50 coupon for future  Counterpoint purchase
* Unlimited access to Counterpoint's core course library is available for the entire duration of the tutoring package.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

All of Counterpoint courses and tutoring comes with an iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied.  After going through the lessons and finding that you aren't totally thrilled, simply contact us, and we'll make it right. If not, we will happily refund your investment 100%. 

Meet the Counterpoint Founders and Tutors

Dr. Kay Van Der Burg, Ph.D.

Dr. K is a nationally certified master teacher and has a Ph.D. in education leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has had training at both Harvard and Stanford universities and was the district SAT/ACT prep lead for one of the highest ranking districts in the country. She has taught Advanced Placement (AP) English coursework and has been tutoring students for more than two decades. Dr. K is the co-founder of Counterpoint test prep.


Damien Van Der Burg, CHPC

Damien has a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from the University of California-Santa Cruz and a Master’s degree in biology from Point Loma Nazarene. He has taught high school science and math courses for 15 years, including Advanced Placement (AP) coursework. In addition to co-founding Counterpoint Test Prep, Damien is also an investor/entrepreneur, and he is a certified high performance and leadership coach. 

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